What to Expect When you Enter One. Now

If you have not been to our office since March, there are some changes that One. has implemented for the next time you enter our office. Prior to arrival at the office, you will be sent a liability waver and/or a sign in sheet for services. Once completed, you will wait for the all clear for entry as our front door will remained locked for the foreseeable future. Upon entering, masks are required, you will be asked to dispose of gloves at the door, wash or sanitize your hands upon entry, and your oxygen and temperature will be checked prior to admittance to the clinic. (ladies, please leave the middle finger of your dominant hand without nail polish so we can read your oxygen) Clients will check in and out at the front desk one at a time to avoid cross-contamination. Time will be taken in between clients to deep clean surfaces.

Upon check out, we will have you read your credit card number to eliminate the need of signing receipts, and receipts will be emailed to you to avoid contact.

We are still encouraging clients to continue to utilize telehealth and virtual training sessions as much as possible until we can allow our at risk clients to return to the clinic again safely.

While we can now also allow clients to enter for fitness sessions, masks are required for the duration of your time exercising in the clinic.

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