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Elizabeth Fortunato

Elizabeth Fortunato of One Physical Therapy & Fitness.
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Elizabeth Fortunato


In 2017, Elizabeth began her journey to become a registered aromatherapist (RA). This journey included a Master Certificate in Aromatherapy from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) plus an anatomy and physiology course, acceptance to sit for the exam, and finally successfully passing the exam.

During her aromatherapy studies, she became extremely interested in the power of scents and their ability to evoke memories or build new, lasting memories. She is naturally drawn to learning and began exploring how to tap into our sense of smell to enhance our health and environmental experiences. Her RA certification allows her to help individuals with their specific health needs and has provided her with the foundation to understand emotional responses to specific essential oils.

Elizabeth is joining One. and will be available starting in March on an appointment-only basis. She also is offering home visits (within a 25 mile radius) for those that are more comfortable meeting in their own space.

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