The healing art of Reiki is an effective Japanese form of stress reduction. It is done with a light healing touch (or no touch), and the client is fully clothed. Many clients have experienced positive results from this form of stress reduction.

Reiki originated in Japan in the 1920’s, it was developed by Mikao Usui as a spiritual practice. The Ki in reiki holds the same meaning as the Chinese term Qi (chi) meaning energy/light/breath/movement. The practice of reiki is used to clear blockages in a person’s meridians, chakras and aura (light energy field). Similar to getting a massage a person receiving reiki will lay on a massage table but the treatment is very different because the practitioner will be doing very light to no touch at all during the session. There are many benefits to receiving reiki including relieving stress, relaxation, better sleep, a feeling of groundedness, reduction of pain and tension throughout the body. According to the University of Minnesota reiki can improve heart rate and blood pressure.

Initial Visit is just $100, 30 minute follow up consults $60

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