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When I found Jennifer and One. five years ago, the aches and pains of growing older were starting to set in. I resigned myself to feeling them worsen.  She soon showed me the difference that an exercise program specifically designed for ME could make. After seeing her regularly since then, I’m thrilled to say that I am stronger and more flexible than when I started—and more physically active. A real achievement for a writer who still spends much of her life hunched over a computer!  


Still, I do have the occasional pain or  mobility problem. When that happens Jennifer makes herself available to help me. She applies her expert techniques and some new technology—and­­­­­­ tells me exactly what to do on my own. This support is an amazing comfort.


More recently I also began participating in some of One’s group classes.  There, to my own surprise,  I’ve also made progress.  Plus I like knowing that the rest of the One. practice is there to draw on—a set of smart health specialists with a wide range of knowledge, some traditional and others not so much. 


Jennifer and One. give me the best defense against the aging process I know of. I’ve shared my conviction with a ton of people. Of those who’ve followed up, not one has been disappointed in their own experience.

Natalie Canavor

One. has been my only go to gym, physical fitness, and physical therapy place for almost 5 years. It has the most established, one on one treatments and attention that I have needed in the past. I have experienced their great acupuncturist, small classes with Christina, excellent physical therapy sessions with Jennifer after an injury, weekly Pilates with Mary, as well as dry needling with Kristen. All in an extremely safe, environment, and since Covid with masks and temperatures taken before entering, each service provided in a private, one on one setting.

All the providers at One., have superior knowledge and techniques that I have never received anywhere else. I cannot recommend One. highly enough, not only are they the top professionals, as individuals, they are each and every one, delightful people. While I prefer to do one on one sessions in person, their outstanding Zoom programs and classes are fantastic.

I’m happy to be a reference for One. and truly believe they are the best in Annapolis!

Testimonial of Laurie Deane to One Physical Therapy.

Laurie Deane

When I first met Jennifer, I had chronic neck and back pain. I had been in and out of physical therapy offices and just could not understand why I kept getting hurt or how to break the cycle. The first time she saw me, Jennifer diagnosed me on the spot with a genetic disorder called Ehler's Danlos that is characterized by hypermobility in my case (among other things.) The flexibility that had allowed me to dance and bend my body into a pretzel for yoga in my teens and twenties was starting to wreak havoc in my thirties. Jennifer's diagnosis provided the answer to so many questions I had lived with all of my life: Why aren't I as strong as everyone else? Why am I so sensitive? Why can't I just suck it up and power through? Since then, I have learned NOT to push through pain and how to keep myself, and all of my super stretchy joints, in line and in working condition. As a physical therapist, Jennifer puts the emphasis on teaching her clients how to help themselves. She empowers us through education and connecting us with resources so that we can not only treat our symptoms, but understand and address the underlying causes for them. I am so grateful for the support I have found at One. Between Jennifer's "fixes" and Christina's amazing classes I am pain free and able to keep exercising and moving! Not to mention the amazing, zen atmosphere they have created in their physical space. It is truly a place for mind AND body wellness.

Testimonial of Erin Jones to One Physical Therapy.

Erin Jones

Jennifer at One. is an incredible person and Physical Therapist. She has helped me for years now.....from strengthening to repairing my neck, ankle or knees. And she has taught me many things about food/diet and health. Most importantly, she is always so kind when giving advice/help. The studio is beautiful, bright and sunny with wonderful classes offered as well. Mary does a great job with the Pilates reformer. I am forever grateful to Jennifer and One. ....an amazing place!!

Testimonial of Shannon Saldi to One Physical Therapy.

Shannon Saldi

Since my stroke, I have been to 5 different Physical Therapists. My experience at One. was by far, the best! The staff's positive attitude and friendly prodding made me do even better than I had hoped possible.


My walker and I entered the One. facility three days after my total hip replacement. I had a pain level of seven and was trying unsuccessfully to wean myself from all pain meds. Five weeks later, I "graduated", leaving with pain at a level of zero to one. My team of therapists had made by early graduation possible with words of encouragement with humor and caring.

Sharry J.

I was always greeted with a smile and enthusiasm. After initial consultaton, I was given a plan created for me. I was also given information on how the exercises would help me. Within 11 visits, I was able to walk better and lead the life I desired, a place I did not think was possible.

Gazella W.

I was able to run almost 9 miles for the first time in four months- no ibuprofen needed- thanks to the staff at One.! Thank you! They were able to expertly diagnoze a pinced nerve in my back and through therapy and lifestyle education, I have been able to return to an entirely unrestrected lifestyle substantially more easlily and quickly than I would have thought.

Kevin S.

My experience at One. was life-changing. My primary physical Therapist was phenomenal! She helped me learn more about my injury, how to heal, strengthen, reduce pain and get back to a more quality life. 

Rosa P.

It will be difficult to sum up my experience and benefits of going to One Physical Therapy Fitness Wellness because there are so many but here goes.

My advice is to do what works best for you and going to One Physical Therapy Fitness Wellness was the best thing I could have ever done for my physical and mental health. Initially, I went to Jennifer Balducci for Physical Therapy to help with my neck pain. With one quick visit (painless) and some training on how to keep me from coming back, wala, no more pain! Then, I started going to the Pilates Mat class, TRX, and one on one training offered by Christina Thomas. It was just what I needed to build up my core and overall body strength. I still attend her classes and do the exercises on my own as well. As luck would have it, the 20+ years of running long distances caught up with me or so I thought. I had a spine doctor tell me I would never run again with my three compressed disks. I wasn't having it! I took my images to Jennifer and she was able to teach me exercises (simple ones too) to not only eliminate the pain I had but I am still running today. I don't want to know a life without running. AND PT is a WAY better alternative than shots and surgery. But wait! There's more! I have also received the best massage therapy and acupuncture from Jeff Masenheimer. He takes his time to truly listen to you, customizes your therapy, and you walk away a whole new person, both physically and mentally. My stress and physical ailments melt away. Last but not least, I have had a great experience with the Aromatherapist, Elizabeth Fortunato. She has made me custom blends for beauty, stress, and my own signature scent!

I hope you find this testimony helpful. I only wish I had not waited so long to make that first appointment. One Physical Therapy Fitness Wellness has truly changed my life and I will be eternally grateful. I know you will too.

Jeannell Thomas

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