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Jeff Masenheimer of One Physical Therapy & Fitness.
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Jeff Masenheimer


In 2011, Jeff Masenheimer graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Professional Health Studies and his Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine. Jeff prides himself on his knowledge of Chinese herbs and his ability to develop formulas to help his patients. Along with herbs and acupuncture, Jeff is proficient in Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), cupping, and moxibustion therapy.

Jeff has been practicing Chinese health therapies since 2000. He has also studied tai chi, Qi Gong and martial arts. After studying tai chi for several years it seemed natural for Jeff to expand his knowledge of healing arts and follow in the footsteps of his uncles and brother and go into massage therapy. In 2005, he graduated from Central Florida School of Massage Therapy where he learned sports massage and myofascial release. Following massage school, Jeff worked for a pain and medical rehabilitation facility alongside a medical doctor, physical therapists and a chiropractor that primarily focused on clients who had been injured in automobile accidents. Jeff opened his own practice in 2007 in Florida and worked with a wide range of clients including geriatric, athletes and people with injuries. Jeff received his Associates of Arts Degree in 2008 from Valencia College so he could pursue his long term goal of becoming a licensed acupuncturist Jeff is devoted to helping clients achieve a healthy, balanced and pain-free life.

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