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Liz Renaut

Liz Renaut
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Elizabeth Renaut, PT, DPT, CNS, LDN


Licensed Nutritionist and Physical Therapist

When I saw my own children thriving on an ancestral diet, I became even more fascinated by groups of people still eating traditional diets—ones untouched by modern processing and convenience. I learned that those still eating traditional diets don't suffer from chronic illnesses—they maintain their health throughout their life, even in old age.

Lifestyle and nutrition have a strong relationship in research, and that relationship has guided my personal life too. I've always been focused on physical health and how to build and keep my strength. As a high school athlete, Division I lacrosse player at Hopkins, personal trainer, and now a doctor of physical therapy, my next step to round out my background with nutrition and functional medicine made sense.

Today, I can tell you with full confidence that most chronic diseases can be treated through diet and lifestyle choices—functional nutrition. Everything from heart disease, autoimmune issues, fibromyalgia, allergies/asthma, eczema, and so many other conditions rooted in chronic inflammation.

website: renautfunctionalnutrition.com

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