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Joanna Wahler


Joanna has been a practicing massage therapist for seven years and has worked with a vast array of clientele since graduating from Anne Arundel community college in 2014. Since graduation, her primary focus has been to encourage and assist anyone who yearns to live a life that they love, to move freely and to have the opportunity to live without pain.

Early in her career, Joanna felt drawn to those on the pain management spectrum or in military service. She became very passionate about doing everything in her facilitative ability to give these people every opportunity to continue successfully down a path of wellness and recovery. Eventually, this passion has grown to envelop any being that finds their way onto Joanna's table her experience encompasses the use of modalities including prenatal massage, stone massage, Himalayan salt stone massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, passive and assisted stretching as well as relaxation Swedish massage.

Joanna is also Usui Reiki attuned to level one which she completed certification for in 2019. Her clients range from general wellness clients to complex trauma patients and everything in between. She believes that every being should have a right to not just a pain-free life but an exquisitely enjoyable one. When Joanna Isn’t giving massage, she can be found spending time with her animals or bouncing her way around a circus arts class.

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